Sprinkling chaos

The day isn’t even half and twice I’ve caused chaos!

This morning I asked the analyst in my team why I got to state A instead of state B as I expected. She was also very confused and embarked on a quest!
First we discussed it among ourselves and decided we didn’t know enough and so we went to one of the developers.
We explained him what was going on and after a short while he just said “I don’t know, ask the other developer.”. And so we did! We started talking to him and saw him panic. He made that change! We we’re on the right track. So after quizzing him on WHY he made the change it turned out that it was never documented. He was told to do it in some call and he just executed it.
Now the analyst got a bit annoyed. She’s supposed to know these kind of changes. She’s the one in charge of keeping the documents up to date. These documents we provide the client so they know how to use the product. So she started grilling the developer on who told him, when and why? Continue reading “Sprinkling chaos”