In the rear-view mirror

I’m a consultant, and my project ran at its end. It’s been very nice and I’ve learned so many things. I started out as a very junior tester but my colleague got me up to speed pretty fast. I gave shape to my own testing ideas, became the sole tester and even test lead.

My previous job was at a big bank, which I left with a bad feeling. This structure of the organisation didn’t really resonate with me and I lost my enthusiasm pretty fast. I took this new project as a new start and tried to give it my all. I started this job with a negative view of myself.

The domain of the new project was rather complex and required lots of business knowledge. Building this knowledge was not easy and even in the end I still discovered new concepts about the business. Even from the start I gathered all the information I could and found it really helped my testing. It does help when the domain is something you’re interested in. This transformed my feeling about testing again to the positive feeling I had before. I enjoyed testing again!

I wasn’t the only tester on this project, the other tester was Beren. He’s a more experienced tester who is also very active in the international scene. He provided me with lots of learning possibilities and taught me a lot about testing.
When I had and idea about something, I would go to him and we’d discuss it. By doing so I learned how I formed my ideas and where I might have had an oversight. I also learned to explain and express my ideas about testing.

After a year or so I really felt like my testing had improved significantly. The project team was put on a regime and both Beren and me felt like we could do with a new challenge. Beren stopped first and I continued for 3 more months. The last month a new tester joined me so he could take over the testing after I stopped.

These 2 months of being the only tester were proof for me that I was capable of running the testing efforts for a project. Later on, the new tester joined me and I had to do the hand-over. Explaining the business, the team, the history and testing went pretty well I believe. He had a different idea about testing than me and this of course gave new discussions. Bringing a new tester up to speed was a new challenge for me and I hope I did well. In the end I had a feeling that he could conduct the testing the same as me. Only the very special cases could still be challenging, but I did my best to point out ways to handle these.

Looking back I can really tell you that I enjoyed the project. The team grew and shrank again, people came and went and lots of knowledge passed through the team. Everything came with its own problems and its own solutions. I liked the project and everybody involved. All these experiences really shaped me as a tester and hopefully prepared me for my next opportunity!

I learned a lot of things over the course of the last few years. One of the big lessons I learned was the importance of the project on your personal well-being. And that sometimes you’re just not the right person for the job.
I’ve also grown over a lot! I can now form my own ideas and express them in a constructive matter. I hope to do this more in the future, here on my blog or IRL on conferences and meet-ups!
My mindset also changed. While I used to always be in a test team, I hope I can now lead the testing for a project. That’s my current role in the new project. I’m already learning a lot and hope that my I can be an asset to the team!





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