Feel the testing!

Testing is often regarded as a black/white field. Something is correct or something is wrong. But any practiced tester will know that there’s much more to it than that. There are always things that are not in the analysis and even things that are in the analysis might feel strange to you.

Testing is done by people, people with feelings and an opinion. Often you’ll find yourself frustrated with the application. Or maybe confident, which might be even more dangerous. These feelings are very important to your testing. I believe they can indicate the state of your application.

When you’re testing and you feel happy and confident, this might be a good indication that your application’s quality is heading in the right direction. On the other hand it can also mean that you are missing important issues.
If you feel annoyed with the application, it might be interesting to call a meeting with your team and talk about it. Just make sure that you had your coffee and that this feeling is because of the application. Your team will probably want some concrete issues they can fix.
When testing, you’ll definitely feel surprised! Some features might show sudden unexpected behavior. Or when something that you didn’t expect to work, works anyway! Make sure you communicate those feelings to your peers, they enjoy the appreciation.

Feelings can result in actions!

When you’re irritated by the GUI, you’ll find yourself logging bugs. Those feelings will help you improve the GUI and the overall experience of the application.

When testing, it’s a good idea to keep your emotions and the feelings of your users in mind. Your users will not only be using the logic of your application, but they’ll also have feelings when using it. Making sure that your users are feeling ‘happy’ or ‘content’ is something you as tester can definitely contribute to.

To assist you in your ‘feelings based testing‘ (FBT?) you could take a Testphere deck and grab the purple cards. These 20 cards have 7 positive, 2 neutral and 11 negative feelings. They can give you an indication of what you can feel or remind of you of what you’ve felt before. The cards can help you

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